As a freelance photographer specializing in beauty, fashion and commercial photography I have been lucky to work with some very varied and influential clients. My style of photography insures any client gets images they can be proud of and will give a pleasing aesthetic to any campaign.

Proficient in studio and location lighting means I am extremely efficient on shoot days and am able to give solid and reliable and eye catching results. I am also extremely knowledgeable in imaging software including Photoshop which ensure speedy post production and a quick turnaround for the client. 

I love all things photography and am passionate when it comes to creating amazing images I am very creative and a perfectionist I like to create images that catch the eye and engage the viewer.

I love taking photos,  if I’m not doing that then I like to think about what photos to take next, I enjoy traveling, Chinese food, Jazz and hot sunny weather so if you have a shoot in a hot sunny location I'm in.

"No matter what the job or location the outcome is the same Images that go beyond the clients expectations"

Dark Beauty Magazine

Vogue UK

BiBlonde Magazine

10Ten Magazine (Feature)

360 Magazine USA (Editorial)

Scratch (Front Cover)

Bowens Lightbook Mag (Bowens Add)

FaceOn Magazine (Editorial)

N-Photo Magazine (Feature)

Advanced Photographer (Feature)

Digital Camera Magazine

Photography Monthly

Essex Style Magazine (Editorial)

Editorial Magazine (Editorial)

Belfast Telegraph


"If I'm not taking photos I'm thinking about photos I want to take"